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About: Headliner


After starting and running multiple businesses, I realized there was more I wanted to do or more importantly, to BE, in my life.  My biggest accomplishment has always been my kids, and being a mama of 3, I knew I couldn’t make any drastic life changes until my babies were adventuring into the world on their own.  (To be clear, you guys know we’re not talking about the many home moves, vehicle upgrades and/or husbands over the last 25 years)    It's time for mama bird to leave the nest.


What does one do when they become an empty nester??   I thought I had a couple more years to ponder this question, however when my youngest announced she was going to go to college at 16, I had a decision to make for myself!   Could I retire from what I have been doing for most of my life?  Could I actually live the life of my dreams; to pursue my love affair with delicious food and wine?  The answer..... is why the fuck not?!


Italy, here I come!!


“Il dolce far niente” rolls off the tongue with a sweet sound and embodies what Italy means to me.  The sweetness of doing nothing is not really doing “nothing” at all; it’s a way of life!  It means to do things differently, to slow down and to believe there is no other time but the magical present. 

I want to apply that idea to the way I live - delicious food, authentic experiences, and good company. So join me as I take on this new adventure and create something spectacular along the way!


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